Vision, Mission and Values


To be the ‘go to’ place for employees experiencing challenges in the workplace – where they can feel heard and supported to make their work lives better, more fulfilling and engaging of their potential.


To support as many employees as possible to learn to deal with workplace challenges effectively and in a way that will strengthen the employee voice, individually, organizationally and across society.

Values & Beliefs

  • Employees are equal as human beings – regardless of position – and deserve:
    • fair and considerate treatment,
    • the opportunity to bring their full selves to their jobs,
    • the opportunity to think freely (and so should not be stifled from doing this),
    • to thrive – and will do this better when they are given autonomy in their areas of responsibility.
  • All people matter; healthy relationships can’t work without being based in that. Relationships are crucial to a healthy workplace. A healthy workplace is crucial to businesses.
  • Above all: It’s never “just business.” It’s always human beings too.



Andy started Employee Point to support employees dealing with challenging workplace situations. Andy has a Bachelors degree in Organizational Behaviour and has worked in many organizations to help create healthy workplaces. In her experience as an employee in a variety of fields, ranging from administration and retail to hiring and supervising employees, and as a self-employed organizational consultant, her main focus has always been on improving the working lives of employees. Her lifelong goal has been to create a way for support, like managers get from coaches, to be affordable to employees at every level.

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