It’s never “just business.”

It’s always human beings too.

Employee Voices. Employee Needs. From the Employee Point of View.

image001This is a website for working people who face challenges at work – and would like to explore constructive ways to approach them. Does work sometimes get you down? Do you ever spend time thinking “I hate my job?” Do you feel you could contribute more if you weren’t dealing with problems that never change? Do you want to make your life at work better, and maybe your workplace too? If so, then you’re in the right place.

In many organizations, leaders have access to support from coaches or consultants to help them manage their jobs. Often there is no such support available for employees. Employee Point aims to make this support available and affordable for workers by providing:

  • online learning modules on communicating and dealing with situations powerfully
  • a discussion forum for employees to share their insights and learn with each other (coming soon)
  • tools available online for free, so as to help the maximum number of people possible (coming soon)

Employee Point does this with an employee-first focus – by working for you, understanding your challenges and needs, and helping you find your voice. At Employee Point, you matter before the bottom line.
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