A Retail Worker’s Fantasy Day

This is fiction. But it’s how work should be. Supportive Workplace I arrive at work a few minutes late. I don’t normally arrive late, but occasionally I do. No one sweats it. The bosses know I’m a dedicated worker who makes an effort to always get to work on time; but they know everyone’s human. They trust me. They also know that treating people with acceptance, despite their imperfections, makes them feel lucky to have the…

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Employees, Why Aren’t We Engaged at Work?

I read a tweet today by Mark C. Crowley, author of Leading From the Heart, who said, “I’m calling myself a failure. Gallup reports that ‪#engagement [i.e., employee engagement] didn’t budge again in January. It’s stuck at a sad 32.5%”. He’s not the failure. He’s one leader who’s humble enough to want to re-examine what he does because he wants to make more positive impact, which is something we need more of. I tweeted back…

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6 Ways to Value Yourself at Work

Being treated badly at work can damage our sense of self-worth

Is It Me? Being treated badly at work can damage our sense of self-esteem, especially if it’s ongoing. Even if we know not to put too much weight on others’ opinions of us, there can be some part of us that doubts ourselves, and wonders, “Is it me?” Most likely we do have things to improve – we all do; but if we’re treated badly by those around us, it makes it harder for us…

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